Necronomicon Gatewalking Challenge

For those who are curious as to what Warlock is up to, he’s finally given us the definitive answer to where the Simon Necronomicon originated:

The Simon Necronomicon is not a work that was written in the 1970’s, or discovered accidently. It was first documented by Aleister Crowley and passed on to Kenneth Grant. Grant was broke off from the Caliphate O.T.O., but still held some of Crowley’s notes. After much experimentation, Grant commissioned a team to finish the grimoire that Crowley started. However, it must be kept in mind that since the Caliphate O.T.O had won the rights to Crowley’s works, some aesthetics by Lovecraft were used lest this team would be sued for publishing a work with based on Crowley’s authorship. We must remember that the name Crowley appears 39 times in the book’s introduction… Now the only question is, is if Harms, Gonce , and Dan Clore are part of an opposing group in the O.T.O. wars to debunk the book and try to stifle it’s progress.

I’m not sure that’s the “only question” that people have.  I’m encouraging Warlock to, you know, write Kenneth Grant to ask him about this, but he has a quick comeback:

Because it is uncertain in you mind not mines

I suppose that settles that.  Hey, what’s this about me being in the OTO?  I thought I was spending my spare time casting Mythos magic with Donald Tyson.

Warlock’s evidence is nothing short of devastating:

[John] is a Priest of Ishtar, or one could say Babylon. This could mean that he is possibly involved with Thelema. (look at how he spells magical in the above quote magickal with a “k” This spelling is one that was introduced by Aleister Crowley)

I think I might actually own some books by Aleister Crowley, so I think the proof might be irrefutable at this point.

Now Warlock goes in for the kill:

I invite Harms and yourself to a three hour debate to tale place in NYC… Give it uo Harms. The gig is up!!!

As Warlock has generously offered to pay for my travel expenses, both of me have accepted the challenge.  Besides, how else will I know if I’m a member of the OTO?

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  1. Thanks Dan! I will look more into the arrangements over the weekend and get back to you. Sorry I asked you to write Kenneth Grant yourself. I figured that since he was mentioned in your posts often, you might enjoy correspondence with him. However, I remembered that since your part of an OTO faction that mat be opposed to Grant, you are probably not permitted to communicate with him.

    It would be nice if John Wisdom Gonce III can come. I often wonder how a former ordained minister can no so much about magick (K), that he is used by government authorities in various occult crime investigations without even being affiliated with an occult organization?!! Amazing! Hey what can I say, I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness

    P.S. Can you bring Niflungr along? We might need a dictionary or somebody who is an expert on Germanic Languages to talk about Sumerian*

  2. I wanted you to write Kenneth Grant because you had a theory about his behavior. It’s normal to check with people on such matters. Both John and I have written Kenneth Grant in the past, and he’s always been helpful with our inquiries.

    I’ll ask John, though you’ll likely have to pay for travel expenses from Nashville. Niflungr can state whether he’s available for himself.

  3. That’s fine with me. I will have more info on Sunday. I think the Open Center is a good place:

    They hold a lot of conferences there, though the Necronomicon tradition will be the first. I will star working on my letter to Mister grant tonight. I will see what goes with john’s Travel expenses. i am sure it would be a good time to sell more copies of your book and a great occasion for me to introduce the Atlantean Necronomicon written by Warlock Asylum 🙂

    Be Well

    The Dark Knight

  4. Why in the world would you want me there?

    Before I sullied myself by getting drawn into our last little go around, I admitted my ignorance of the subject of Semitic linguistics by asking a number of questions about the current field of studies – mentioning my knowledge of the Germanic landscape as a way of showing my questions were informed ones.

    Those questions were never answered by the way.

    All I would contribute would be arguments over methodology (which would be as ignored and deflected in real life as they were online) and Dan can do this much better than myself anyway (he’s also far more suited to fight with Occultizoid Nincompoops than I am).

    Have fun with the brief amount of notoreity you think you’re receiving. I hope you guys record the ‘debate.’ It’ll be great with a bowl of popcorn.

  5. I will answer your previous questions in a post shortly. I thought you were being sarcastic before. No Harm intended. Being that you excel in linguistics..what is an “occultizoid?” that doesn’t sound to scholarly, but we know the company Harms keeps.

  6. Well, at least this warlockasylum character didn’t make any comments about our practicing XIth degree O.T.O. rituals–

    And I must state that if it means an all-expenses-paid trip to New York (which I’ve never visited — it’s a bit far from Oregon), I would be more than glad to take part in a debate.

  7. Leave the German expert at home and bring in a good Assyriologist! Fascinating discussion by the way 🙂

  8. Warlock: You’re from Atlantis?

    Dan: I hope you’ll get to come. I’d like to hear first-hand how you’re a member of the OTO because John spells magic with a “k”.

    G: If you know any good Assyriologists, send them our way. Just make sure their local student union membership policies meet Warlock’s standards.

  9. No I am no more an Atlantean than John Dee is an Enochian. Dan Harms seems to know more anoit the OTO than Simon. His book is filled with info about OTO Members. Maybe he isn’t a member after all. The Occult Crime Unit just asks for Gonce advice like they would any random magician* makes ya wonder 🙂

  10. So now I’m disqualified from the OTO because I know too much about it?

  11. You can’t be disqualified if your not a part of something already. Rhanks for telling yourself. We’ll just keep that our our little secret 🙂

  12. Only a representative of the OTO could confirm or deny my membership… Which raises the question of whether Warlock’s in the OTO.

  13. It takes one to know one Dan Harms

  14. Being that you excel in linguistics..what is an “occultizoid?” that doesn’t sound to scholarly, but we know the company Harms keeps.

    Yeah, we know the company Harms kee– hey!

  15. Dan Harms is the OHO of the Tyler Durden OTO.

  16. Do not fuck with him.

  17. As a result of the very mention of Eleventh Degree materials in this FNORD thread, Dan Harms will shortly be exposed as Peter Levenda masquerading as Alan Cabal, or vice versa.

  18. I love this “warlockasylum” chia pet. Where can I get one?

  19. You can gwt one from the New York Press.

  20. So Peter Levenda = “Simon” = “Alan Cabal” = Dan Harms? Where is Hagbard Celine in all of this?

  21. Thanks Richard for bringing down the seriousness of this discussion.

  22. Indeed, Richard. Your Illuminatus! in-jokes have degraded the seriousness of Warlock’s Batman in-jokes.

  23. Let me ask you some thing Dam (yeah i left out the Mister for once 🙂 ) Have you ever stopped to consider the occult signifigance of the Batman Legend if there is any at all?

  24. It probably has about the same significance as the Illuminatus! trilogy, no?

  25. Yeah that sounds about right?

  26. […] just an attempt to spite me because I turned down his Mythos magic order membership request because I was in the OTO, but it’s symptomatic of a broader […]

  27. I sent a shoggoth over to “warlockasylum.” It should get there next Tuesday, after lunch. It has been instructed to deliver a very important message from the Eleventh Degree of the Caliphate OTO. Keep up the good work, Dan. We’re booking you a room at the next Bilderberger conference.

  28. […] course, this is probably just my jealousy as an OTO member showing through, so what do I […]

  29. […] by different people, but I didn’t see anything that I’d not agree with or that would get me kicked out of the OTO.)  Another highlight of the night was the banquet, where I was happy to see both Charisma […]

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