The Green Butterfly

I received an offer to participate in an anthology by REDACTED.  In response, I’m working up a quick article on the Green Butterfly, a short treatise appended to the Grimorium Verum.

In brief, the Green Butterfly involves the magician going into the forest to catch a green butterfly.  Once this creature is caught, it is placed in a snuffbox, placed in ashes, and then hidden under an altar candelabrum during Mass.  After being consecrated in this manner, the Butterfly might be used to call up the demon Astaroth, who will bring the caster riches, wisdom, and love.

Oddly enough, reading the rite in the entirety doesn’t make much more sense than what I’ve just said does.  I certainly don’t have many answers, and the answers I do have aren’t that good.  Nonetheless, I’m resolving to make a stab at it and see what comes out of it.

If it is selected for publication, I’ll be sure to let my readers know where they can find it.

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  1. Reminds me of souls as moths in “The Devil and Daniel Webster”. But why does it have to be Mass? Can’t Lutherans or Baptists consecrate green butterflies as well as Catholics? And if the butterfly is consecrated, why would it call up a demon–isn’t that the opposite of what consecrated things generally do? And why…well, never mind. It definitely sounds like it will be an interesting article.

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