Fury of Yig: Heading Home

63K words in, and I’m looking at the end.  I’m well past Oklahoma, and far into the first of the last two chapters.  The setting is something of a surprise, so I’m reluctant to spoil it.

Past precedent with the Mythos is always a tricky task.  Even within the Call of Cthulhu scenarios on Yig, there’s quite an amount of material from older scenarios.  I’ve tried to insert as many references to that other material as possible, but it hasn’t always worked out.

In terms of implementation, there’s quite a difference between using the Mythos in fiction and using it in games.  If you want to drop the names of a dozen Yig-related tomes or locations in a story, it might not result in the best writing in the world, but you can give the reader some shivers nonetheless.  In a role-playing scenario, the same technique will rapidly confuse the players, who don’t know which lead to follow.  A red herring or two is fine, but simply irrelevant material rapidly becomes frustrating.

For example, there’s a fun scenario for the d20 Call of Cthulhu game called “The Lost Temple of Yig.”  It’s a very pulpy scenario, and one that requires far too much setup explanation to implement.  Further, one has to be careful about tossing out even casual references to such a temple, because you don’t want the group getting obsessed with the Lost Temple, trying to find the Lost Temple, wondering if they missed the Lost Temple, etc.

Nonetheless, I can recall at least four scenarios that have been referenced in Fury in one way or another.  That should give readers and knowledgeable players some extra thrills, while including enough original content to thrill new players.

Oh yes – there are references to the fiction as well, ranging from “The Curse of Yig” to Lin Carter.  Yes, I found a creative way to use one of Carter’s stories…

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