I-Con Update

So M. and I packed up the car on Friday and headed down to Long Island to participate in I-Con 28 last weekend.  A brief summary:

  • We stayed with Tom Lynch, the man behind Miskatonic River Press.  I highly recommend that Cthulhu fans pick up his New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, because it’s quite excellent and the uncertainty left with Doc’s departure might make it difficult to find.
  • Oscar Rios was nice enough to let me into his con game:  a WWII scenario in which I played a Japanese machine gunner with some serious issues.  I died.  It was great.
  • I wasn’t allowed to play the other games – something about having read New Tales.
  • M. and I hung out quite a bit in the dealer room, where I picked up Cthulhutech, Dogs in the Vineyard, a giant microbe, and a six-sider with a Baphomet sigil on it, all in lovely pink and white.
  • Sean Astin read medieval Sufi poetry.
  • Someone thought they could smoke in the hotel hallway at 4 AM and get away with it.  They were wrong.

We’re still recovering, but we had a great time.

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