Owen Davies’ Top Ten Grimoires

Oxford University Press is conspiring against me.  They released Owen Davies’ new book Grimoires on March 26 in England, but they’ve delayed the American release until May 15 – in other words, just in time for the book to arrive at the Undisclosed Location while I’m in England.  I will have my revenge, OUP!

Or I’ll just find a copy over here through a specialty seller, one of the two.

In the meantime, Davies has released his “top ten” grimoires list in The Guardian.  I’ll summarize it here:

  1. The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses
  2. The Clavicule of Solomon
  3. Petit Albert
  4. The Book of St. Cyprian
  5. Dragon Rouge
  6. The Book of Honorius
  7. The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
  8. The Magus
  9. The Necronomicon
  10. The Book of Shadows

Now, I realize that The Guardian intends for this piece to be more entertaining than informative.  We don’t receive any criteria for the inclusion of books, and some of the titles include many different works – but overall, we don’t want to get too wrapped up in these issues.

Nonetheless, it’s made me think about what I’d consider my top ten grimoires.  I’m putting together my thoughts, so feel free to sound off in the comments.

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  1. If you are in London on 13 May, Owen Davies is speaking on ‘Grimoires and the occult arts’ at the Royal Institution:

  2. Alan,

    Thanks! Here’s a link straight to the talk:


    As I won’t be in England until the following week, the Conspiracy has done its job well.

  3. Top ten grimoires? How about:

    Top ten Necronomicons!

  4. Does he happen to specify exactly what he means by “Necronomicon”?

    Does he specify what ‘version’?

  5. I thought he should have placed the Necronomicon a little higher on the list, but i am sure he is speaking about the Simon Necronomicon 🙂

  6. […] course, I only found that out after I special ordered a copy from Brussels which arrived yesterday.  The universe has much to answer […]

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