Owen Davies’ Grimoires – Reviews Available

The new blog Grimoires includes an article on Owen Davies’ new book Grimoires, which I’m still trying to get.  It links to two reviews of his work, neither of which I’ve read because I’d like to keep my head clear for an assessment here.  It does appear, though, that Simon’s Necronomicon gets at least a mention therein.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my hobbyist blog, Dan! I just posted something on the Grimoire of the Spirit of a Place, I think you’ll find it interesting!



  2. Here’s a list of useful grimoires:


  3. Warlock,

    Many thanks for giving us your list of the twenty-two Top Twenty Grimoires and Occult Works.

  4. I’m sure as smart as you are Dan, you realize the list of twenty-two was done on purpose. Thanks Mister Harms*

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