Forthcoming – Tyson’s Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy

I’m having a problem right now with publishers.  It seems that they keep coming up with excellent releases, like Donald Tyson’s forthcoming edition of The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, that I have to keep advertising on Papers.  Of course, Tyson’s release of a likely-excellent book I need to promote is just an attempt to spite me because I turned down his Mythos magic order membership request because I was in the OTO, but it’s symptomatic of a broader problem.

I try to keep to one post a day, when I can post.  Seeing an excellent new release like this means that my series on The True Grimoire is pushed back another day.   This isn’t fair to Jake Stratton-Kent, as I’ll be attending his release party at Treadwell’s and he needs to be prepared to treat me as I deserve.  That in turn pushes back my review of Davies’ Grimoires, which is unfair to him because I’m going to his Treadwell’s talk and he also deserves prep time.  Ah well.

And I don’t know about those of you who actually read this blog looking for shreds of information on Fury of Yig, which is 80,000 words and might even have a chapter where the investigators take peyote and go on a psychedelic mystical journey.  I guess you won’t hear about that until the book comes out.

I suppose I’ll muddle through as best I’m able.

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  1. Well at least you finally admitted you OTO affiliation 🙂 I look forward to reading the reveiw and the book itself

  2. There had better not be naked tar mining in Yig, that’s all I have to say.

  3. Leave Dutch Schultz out of it.

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