Wherein Our Hero Discovers Free Wireless in the UK

I’m here, and on the tube to Oxford.  I’ve found that McDonald’s has free wireless, and as there’s one close to the hotel, that should take care of my needs.

Stop’s coming up, so I’ll get offline now.

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  1. I hope you mean Oxford Circus… unless there’s been some major constrction work I’m unaware of!

  2. No – I was taking a day trip with M. to Oxford. More later.

  3. Хорошая работа!

  4. I wondered if you’d mind if I recorded your talk at Treadwells, for the benefit of Yog-sothoth.com?

  5. I’ve already had someone commit to doing so, but bring your equipment nonetheless, and we’ll see what can be done.

  6. If each person records a different speech, we can confirm certain rumours about Mr. Harms…

  7. Terrific! A splendid cantor of antiquities you are. Perusal of your eminent works has let trail many a meaningful tale in the vein of Howard Himself.

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