Cult of Cthulhu Update

I’m back to blogging again – but nonetheless, duty demands that, before I get to grimoires or reviews or Fury or a travelogue, we return to the Cult of Cthulhu to document the latest hilarity.  What will those wacky guys do next?

As it turns out, High Priest Darrick Dishaw has spent the past few weeks with a new project.  He’s seeking out women through the Madison, Wisconsin Craigslist to pose for nude shots and movies involving tentacles to promote the cult.  At least one movie has already been taking down from YouTube for ToS violations.  No, I will not be providing links.  I can’t even link to the Craigslist ad Darrick’s using, as he refused to link thereto, which probably means it’s really funny.

Suffice to say, everyone, that if you’re in charge of a non-profit foundation that offers memberships to fifteen-year-olds, manufacturing pornography might not be the best way to generate revenue or attention.  Still, the Cult seems to have a legal defense strategy, best summed up by one of their members:

and if we get any flack over it and get in legal trouble we can just say “Hey, asshole, this is a depression . we’re just trying to survive here.” i’m sure if we say that loud enough the media will hear about it, and what does that mean? publicity. lots of free publicity. sympathy to our cause. and all the perks that come with them.

Sounds foolproof to me.

Also, Darrick tells us that he’s having trouble with his girlfriend.  I can’t imagine why.

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  1. Well Dan, it only gets worse:

    I think Derek knows his “cult” is a failure, so now he’s hoping to move on to the film business to make his mark because sleazy looking girls posing nude with green slime doesn’t seem to have given him the boost he was expecting. Unfortunately if his You Tube videos are any indication of his screen presence or his directing skills, it will be yet another proverbial train wreck in the farce he calls his public life. (Of course, this is assuming he actually does the leg work to get this project off the ground, instead of having it languish as yet another idea that never came to fruition.)

  2. Dan – thanks for all your blogs about DD/Venger Satanis. They tell a tale about a truly twisted and unstable fuck that people should stay away from. I have added links to your blog on my YT-channel:

    Keep up the good work!

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