Fury Update

Once again, circumstance has kept me away from the computer, but I’m working away on the rewrites to Fury.  It gives me a little advice to give on obtaining and handling feedback, as I think many new authors might find it useful.

First, you need to find people who provide quality feedback.  Usually these are other people who write for that field.  You don’t necessarily need a top name, but you want to find someone who’ll read it and get back to you regularly.  At the same time, they should know you well enough to be honest, but not well enough that they can’t be honest (thus, family members are typically verboten).

Second, once those people give you feedback, you should use the 90% rule.  This means that 90% of what these knowledgeable people say should be done, really should be done.  That can range from typos to needed explanations to portions that you love but just aren’t working.  Still, there’ll be that 10% where you need to assert that this is how it should be.  If you’re going above 10%, in my opinion, you either are too much in love with your writing or you need to find someone to give you better feedback.

Third, recognize your threshold for handling criticism.  It’s natural when rewriting from others’ suggestions that, as you work, you’ll get more stubborn, defensive, and resistant to make the suggested changes, regardless of their merits.  If you realize you’re reaching that point, take a break, or set it aside for the next evening.

Other authors might have different advice, of course, but I found that works for me.  If anyone else has any thoughts, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Too true! Honest feedback is so important especially for beginning writers like me. I like the idea of the 90% rule and I also think learning to give good feedback can be useful too. Thanks.

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