England Travelogue, Part 1

I wanted to share our trip to England with you, so I’ll be taking it a couple days at a time.

Thursday, June 21 – After getting up at an ungodly 1:30 AM, M. and I were driven to the airport.  Upon arriving I checked my voice mail, only to find that the driver had shown up at 8 AM London time instead of 8 PM.  This led to some frantic planning of a secret escape to our hotel via multiple transfers on the London mass transit system, all of which was for naught when the driver showed up and conducted us safely to our hotel, showing us horses in the median outside Heathrow.  We collapsed shortly thereafter.

Friday, June 22 – Orientation day to the shape of the land about the hotel.  M. and I wandered about to find some restaurants (success!) and a grocery store (um, not so good).  After that, we navigated the train system to find our way to Treadwell’s, where we met such fascinating people (Greg and Clive, I’m referring especially to you) and briefly attended Jake Stratton-Kent’s release party for the Grimorium Verum.  While there, I picked up Dave Evans’ The History of British Magic after Crowley and Philip Heselton’s Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration, neither of which I was able to find in the states.  Sadly, exhaustion had taken hold, so we withdrew shortly to our abode.

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  1. Nice to hear about your trip–looking forward to the next installment! (I have yet to complete a travelogue, even when malfunctioning parachutes and sharks are involved, but I have high hopes of hearing more about the England trip.)

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