English Travelogue, Part 2

Saturday – We finally encountered International Man of Mystery Adam Crossingham, who took us barreling down narrow country roads in search of England’s major megalithic sites.  We soon ran into bank holiday traffic near Salisbury, so we took a road around and soon found ourselves viewing Woodhenge and its sheep.

Meggie Pictures 077

Approaching the plain from the opposite direction and, despite repeated warnings, not being run over by a tank, we came to Stonehenge, where we viewed its silent majesty and sheep.

Meggie Pictures 096

Meggie Pictures 102

Following a lunch at a somewhat traditional English pub, whose inhabitants we horrified with our uncouth ways and talk about Yig the snake-god, we made our way to Glastonbury.  We had about two and a half hours there, but the combination of clothing shops and bookstores made us realize that we really needed four.  It was there that I picked up Kuriakos’ Grimorie Verum Ritual Book, which I hope to review shortly.  Nonetheless, we managed to make several forays about, and though we never made it to the Chalice Well, Adam and I braved the heat to stand at the top of the Tor while M., more wisely, stayed below in the shade.  From the top was a spectacular view and signs that, at one time, the top of the hill had been inhabited by sheep.


The sun was sinking, so we turned back on our quest, coming to the venerable stone circle at Avebury.  We had a fine dinner at the Red Lion in its center and then walked among the stones, alone, but for some other tourists, a drum circle, and a large number of sheep.

Meggie Pictures 114

As evening came, we hurtled across the plane back to the trains, said our fond farewells to Adam, and made our way back to our hotel, where, I am sorry to say, there were no sheep.

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  1. Great pics! We Yanks are the poorer for living in a land so bereft of sheep.

  2. Baaaaaaaa-aaaaaaa

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