On the Shelf Review – The Grimoire Verum Ritual Book

On my trip to Glastonbury, I acquired a copy of a new book by one Kuriakos, famous on print-on-demand sites for such works as The Grimoire of the Book of Spirits and How to Summons the Dead (no, that’s not a typo).  I discussed a previous book, The Necronomicon Ritual Book, written under the name of Tsirk Susej, here.   This book is a guide for using the Key of Solomon variant known as the Grimorium Verum (as presented by Peterson and Stratton-Kent) for rituals.

What we have here is quite impressive, as Kuriakos has accomplished something by setting new, lower standards for occult literature.  Remember, I gave Simon a hard time for publishing the Necronomicon Spellbook, a twenty-four page pamphlet made more impressive with the insertion of considerable spacing and large font.  Kuriakos’ book makes Simon’s look like War and Peace.

After a few warnings, Kuriakos provides us with a method for summoning the spirits in the Grimorium Verum.  Eschewing almost everything in the book, he calls for the user to provide a circle made out of rope, a tape recorder, and a few other trappings.  Though he only spends a few pages on these instructions, they seem to have been tossed off exceedingly quickly, as the following phrase proves:

Put cloth on altar, with bell, lit candle and sandalwood incense on it

Now, we can assume that most magicians will recognize that they do not want to put the altar cloth on top of a lit candle, but it doesn’t inspire much confidence in the thoroughness of the author.

We are then introduced to a list of spirits from the Grimorium Verum.  Apparently Kuriakos realized that he had no permission to reproduce the sigils, so we are not given them, nor are we told anything about the spiritual hierarchy behind them.  The book ends with a few blank pages for notes on one’s experiments.  It’s doubtful whether readers will find them at all useful when they’re done with the book.

In brief, avoid this like the plague, and pick up Peterson or Stratton-Kent’s version.  This one simply isn’t worth the price, even if someone gives you a copy.

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  1. I Summonsed the Dead but they never showed up in court, so I won the case! [rim shot]

    I’ve seen his stuff, the “Book of Shadows” sections are the best part of the book (they are the blank pages at the end – especially impressive in the ebook editions ^_^)


    PS: Dan, I love this site and have read most of it; excellent writing and reviews. It’s hurt my wallet though, as I buy more limited edition grimoires… sigh

    PPS: Have you seen that Chris Warnock and D.M. Greer are doing their own Picatrix translation over @ Renaissance Astrology? They’re using Pingree’s critical Latin edition, and take some amusing pot shots are the “other” edition…


  2. Ralf,

    Thanks for posting. I saw Warnock and Greer’s material on the Picatrix, but I’m a little gunshy about picking up a $60 book with the first two books of the Picatrix. Again. At this prices, I’ll wait until the “pre-publication” becomes a “publication.”

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