Audio of Dan Harms’ Treadwell’s Talk on the Necronomicon

Steve, Paul, and the rest of the gang at have kindly agreed to put the audio of my Necronomicon Treadwell’s talk up on their site.  This is excellent, as it should kill any of these pesky rumors as to my eloquence.

Overall, Treadwell’s puts on interesting talks all the time on occult topics, and I highly recommend it to anyone passing through London.

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  1. Enjoying your talk greatly. Makes for an interesting audio counter-point to my work-day. So thank you.

  2. Awesome talk Dan! Were there any notable London based occult celebs in the audience that you got to meet?

  3. I think Phil Hine was the biggest name that I recognized.

  4. Don’t worry Mister Harms, I will be writing a review on your lecture shortly.

  5. I look forward to reading it.

  6. Greetings once again from Greece 🙂 Wonderful speech, short but substantial. And I notice that you said something about my own study! Thank you, indeed 🙂
    The Necronomicon current “hit” Greece in 1985, when they published here Simon’s Necronomicon, but few months later, some district attorney requested to be removed from all bookshops!! What ever remained of that print was once again come to circulation two years ago!!
    However, a semi-occult group in Athens (Locus 7) worked with various types of magical systems (Castaneda, Grant etc), and they published a book about the Cthulhu mythos in 1998. It was then that everyone once again take notice of the Necronomicon. In 2007, a friend of mine, translated and published the Tyson’s Necronomicon… and one year after that, I published my own study which was influenced by yours The Necronomicon Files. If all goes well, in 2011 I will publish the second volume which expands my research in relating specific aspects of the already printed Necronomicons with the qlipothic system and Merkabah… lot of study to do, and so little time 🙂
    Thank you Dan, once again
    George Ioannidis
    Psychologist – Author

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