Fury of Yig Playtest, Session 2

We had our second playtest session of Fury last night, taking the group to the middle of the second chapter.  Overall, it was more of a case of “group meets text, and chaos ensues” than anything else, but I think I’m starting to get an idea of where the weak points are, so that’s good.

Highlights included our ex-cultist spending the night in someone’s office in City Hall and stealing strudel in the morning,  a driver botching a Spot Hidden and nearly being hit by a truck, and two characters seeking to infiltrate the cult by bringing a twelve-pack of Keystone to its headquarters.  Near the end, the ex-cultist received a couple of lucky Cthulhu Mythos rolls and started babbling about Yig and Gnosticism and the serpent’s wrath.  To their credit, the rest of the group treated him as if he were insane.

Next session is in two weeks. The group seems poised to research new topics, is preparing to talk to the cultists, and is generally operating as a unit.  Of course, they’re still convinced they’re looking for someone named “Keanu,” and one of them might have already signed his death warrant…

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