English Travelogue, Part 4

Tuesday, May 26 – This was my first day at the University College of London’s Harry Price collection. Due to construction, I had to wander around the building twice before eventually finding my way in. Nonetheless, the documents therein made it more than worth the wait, with me spending much of my time with the Wondrous Magical Scrapbook that Owen Davies mentions from time to time.

In the meantime, M. explored the British Museum and the other sites about, and though we got a little lost near our meeting time, we eventually managed to find each other.

In the meantime, we also happened to find Atlantis Bookshop independently of each other.  There I acquired Hutton’s Shamans, which I had been obsessing about purchasing for days, and the latest issue of Pagan Dawn (no link – my antivirus says they’ve got malware) with my Necronomicon article therein.  (I almost asked why the Order of Hidden Masters, once headquartered there, keeps coming out of hiding to post on Papers, but I decided to avert their wrath.)  I also stopped by the British Museum bookshop, where I picked up a book on their Queen of the Night plaque and Ruickbie’s new biography of Faust, which I also hope to review shortly. We then met up with Adam Crossingham, who led us down through Covent Garden, past a kilt-wearing, knife-juggling street performer, and to Rules restaurant, where we had such wonderful items as roe deer “osso buco” and mutton cobbler.

Wednesday, May 27 – M. felt she had exhausted the area of any wonders she didn’t want us to share, so she stayed in the hotel as I headed back to the Harry Price collection.  I’ll say less about this day, because I hope Joe Peterson will be commenting upon the day’s find in an upcoming publication.  Needless to say, it was something marvelous…

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  1. Mmmmmmm Rules, site of several Black Seal get togethers. Absolutely brilliant food, I’ve had venison there and its always perfectly done.

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