General Update

So, how’s everyone been?  I was hoping to post another travelogue segment, but the British Museum site seems to be down at the moment.

I’m having a rough time today, because I had to admit I wouldn’t complete a writing assignment, which is something I’ve never had to do before.  Sometimes, your idea doesn’t gel, or other people have different ideas, or you realize that the research involved will be simply too much.   In this case, it turned out to be all three.  Still, my brain doesn’t want to give up, so we’ll see what happens over the weekend.

Still, life goes on.  Phil and I are writing an actual article based on our research in England.  It’s going well, save for the fact that it’s rapidly turning into two or three articles.  We’ll manage, I think.

No Fury of Yig sessions for another week and a half, but I did run some friends through my infrequent Stormbringer Dreamlands campaign.  The group went into the Jungle of Kled to the Castle of the Sacred Fount – though not, I should hasten to inform those canny on their phantasmagorical geography, the forest beyond.  They saw one who had passed that way, and that was quite enough.  I’m enjoying this campaign, because its casual nature gives me an opportunity to work on my spontaneity and general gamemaster skills.

In addition, I finally listened to M. and shelled out for high-speed at the Undisclosed Location.   Really – this has been a dialup blog for some time.  This does not mean that I will post fifty times faster than I did before.  It does mean that we can avail ourselves of Netflix‘s “instant watch” movies, shows, and documentaries, of which they have a decent selection.  It’s especially good for a household without cable.

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