Life Update

And what do you know?  No sooner had I told the editor I couldn’t complete the piece I mentioned than I came up with a really great idea for it.  I nearly gave him a heart attack, but he’s graciously allowed me to submit.  It’ll require some research on the printing industry in Colonial America, not to mention mandrakes, but I think I can pull it off.

More later.

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  1. Begin tongue-in-cheek PSA: Always remember… the European version of Mandragora Officinarum has great entheogenic properties when used with care… but the American varieties (which many people confused – and still confuse – with the European native) just causes a really nasty case of the runs.

    Knowing is half the battle Jimmy!

  2. If you have a question on mandrakes, I am your man. I grow them and I have been researching them for several years now.

  3. Thank you fro the advise about using more modern references Mister Dan harms, looks like you got some modern questions to answer now:

    Be Well

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