Fury of Yig Playtest Update

So we finished up the Philadelphia chapter with an assault, of sorts, on a cult ritual, involving pizza, frat boys, and Molotov cocktails which I’m sure won’t come up for anyone else.  I had made a quick addition to the foes that they might have to face, and one of the players gave a priceless look when she realized what she was up against.  After quickly extracting themselves from the scene, the group made it back to the hotel and decided to leave town.

Once again, we had a game in which no one died or went insane.  Well, the latter isn’t exactly accurate, as I’ve found that Call of Cthulhu characters in many cases start acting insane even when they’re perfectly fine.  It was a combination of some reluctance on my part to slaughter people indiscriminately, the lower level of lethality in the earlier chapters (after all, you want people to play long enough to get into the story), and some really bad dice rolls.

Another benefit is that some of the long-term effects are starting to come into play.  One of the tricky parts about writing an RPG campaign is that the best parts of any game – engaging the players with individual attention to particular characters – isn’t available to you unless you want the group to run with pregens or put restrictions on character creation.  I’ve tried to find a balance between, by having certain effects for individual players triggered by those players’ actions.  It’s hard to explain without giving things away, but I like the balance.

One element that I’m concerned about is that this is an information-rich campaign.  If a group doesn’t take notes, or has only one or two people with particular bits of information, the scenario will become more difficult.  I’ll probably want to include a note on it in the playtest!

Also, the artist for Fury (who I don’t think has been announced, or I’d praise him highly) sent me the following banner:


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  1. Thanks for the update!

    From the banner I’m going to guess that your artist is Blair Reynolds, which would be fantastic.

  2. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s not Blair Reynolds.

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