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The Undisclosed Location does not have what are termed in popular parlance as “cable” or “satellite TV.”  Generally, I wait until a program has generated enough buzz through other blogs and friends, at which point I rent it on DVD when it comes out and watch it.  It’s a system that seems to work for me.

My most recent viewing project has been the complete run of Battlestar Galactica, which I enjoyed immensely.   Okay, except for Razor.  I’ve had similar experiences with Buffy (though the latter two seasons left something to be desired), Angel, Firefly, and Carnivale.  My only misfire has been The Sopranos, of which I saw the first episode and never went back.

Thus, if you have any shows that you think I should watch, please leave them in the comments.  I have a sense that most long-time readers will know me pretty well by now.

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  1. Though I note a tendency towards genre programming, I have to recommend The Wire. It’s probably the more important English-language television series of the decade, and any discussion of television, media representation of social issues, or contemporary American culture in general is probably going to include one reference to it.

    Lost makes a good companion piece to Battlestar Galactica; though it lacks the social weight of the latter, it has a similar and sometimes more satisfying ensemble-cast-driven plot.
    And, Mad Men. I’m not really sure how to describe it; maybe ‘Hitchcock does a docudrama’?

  2. Leverage‘s first season is out on DVD – group of con artists fleecing various ne’er-do-wells and getting money to their victims. I was impressed by the fact that one character’s problems were not neatly tied up at the end of an episode, but are a recurring element in the series. Plus, I like seeing how the cons are put together and how they deal with the inevitable “Something goes wrong with the original plan.”

  3. You have watched Deadwood?

  4. D & M — I’ve heard good things about Wire. It’s on my list.

    Mad Men — absolutely. Ad-men in old school NYC. Very well-done show and the sets are succulent.

    And have you seen The Office (US Version)? LOVE IT — and I don’t laugh at much. 😉

    And you may like American Inventor — “reality” style program with people showing their inventions to investors.

    p.s. Your para-cable system is the same one we use here — it’s either on Netflix or YouTube or we don’t see it…

  5. Great ideas from everyone – my tastes do run to genre, but I enjoy quality dramas of all stripes nonetheless.

  6. Lost.

  7. Arrested Development. Demented comedy with hefty portions of low-brow irony. Starts off shaky, but really gets going seasons 2 and 3. It’s available for free off Hulu (I think the same might be true for “Lost”).

  8. Oops, that’s not a drama, but maybe you’d like it anyway.

  9. Veronica Mars, while it was on, was the best-written show on TV. It’s probably the best sunlight noir in the history of the medium.

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