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A new commenter, Ma Kheru, states:

Let the information flow freely.  There is a wide array of resources which make even the most half-assed research expose the Necronomicon as a work of fiction.

Ma Kheru is right.  By writing here that the Necronomicon is a modern fake, I am preventing people from learning that the Necronomicon is a modern fake.

That’s not to say he doesn’t make some good points – I hope to get to them soon – but the subtext of his comment is clear.

I’ve come to realize just how disturbing the fact that I’m continuing to state that the Necronomicon is a hoax really is to some people.  People accuse me of wanting to censor books, or being irrational or evil, or having my own cult of followers, or failing to appreciate the beauty of the fine esoteric tradition of lying to people.  The mere fact that I’m out here and writing what I believe is true is seen as threatening to some people.

I suppose that means I should keep it up, huh?

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  1. Hey Dan. It is good to see that you are out on the frontier doing what you feel is best, even though we are on opposite ends from the perspective. I personally believe that any claims made about the Necronomicon being a fake is also part of establishing its realness as well. I would have to say the same for my endeavors.

    I think that itb is good that we can have debates on such subjects at times because this too is part of the Tradition of the Greater Mysteries.


    Yet both sides are able to gleem some deeper aspects of the subject in debate , which usually works in a way to help further the ideologies of all involved.

    However, when it comes to the subject of the Necronomicon, the subject attracts a wide array of people that the topic has almost gotten to the level of trying to figure out “Who shot JFK?”

    Keep doing what your doing and I will do the same, and in doing such I am sure that people in the year 2135 A.D. will admire the work of both parties involved and will be able to come to a conclusion that merges both perspectives.

    Have a gereat weekend!

  2. Where do these folk come from? … ;o)

    I’ve been knocking around the UK occult underground since the ’80s, and no-one I’ve encountered has espoused any view other than that the Necronomicon is a modern fake. Some of them love it, but that’s down to taste and not scholarship!



  4. Keep it up, Dan!

  5. People are just frustrated that convincing hoaxes are both much easier to promulgate these days, since distribution is as simple as a blog post with a few photoshopped photos, or whatever, but harder to make them convincing to wide swaths of people. Someone with contravening information is equally easier to find, or equally likely to stumble over said blog.

    I, for one, kind of regret Lovecraft’s lack of pretense concerning his creations–but I guess it depends on whether “It’s a faaaake!” or “It was real all along!” is your preferred plot twist.

  6. Yeah I can agree with your comments Huth, but at least we are not in the era of the Abrahamic Religions like Judiac-Christian-Islamic worlds. Those people didn’t have blogs back then so they usually murdered a lot of people so they could believe in their hoaxes. In all actuality I can’t think of any grimoire that was based on fact, I always though fiction had a place in the Occult Arts, to lay down the archtypes. I guess you know of some grimoires that are factual. Thats good

  7. Have you been outside recently? Most of the world is still firmly entrenched in Jewish, Christian or Muslim frames of reference.

  8. this is true, and those hoaxes were very effective. Yet I don’t see a whole bunch o people jumping up and down over it, but still people now that these “inspired works” are fiction in themselve, in some respects these works were more dangerous than any Necronomicon Tradition. Just look at the Middle East Look at the Inquisition Period. All of this Mass Murder that is justified in the name of religion. Yet the basis of religion is based on fictions, like Moses splitting the Red Sea and etc. Fiction has always been an intergral part of religion and spirituality. Did Ishtar really descend into the Underwold? Of course these are parables to express certain concepts, but the they are fiction in there literal interpretation. What I can’t understand, in view of what has been stated, why can’t people just let those who work with the Necronomicon, work with. it’s always this hint of sarcasm. “Oh, you know it’s based on fiction!” Isn’t every grimoire and religious system based on fiction? Then you you have people who try to prove that the Necronomicon is not real and they do this in an environment where most of the predominant religions are responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Yet the Necronomicon is accussed of being dangerous but have you ever looked at the history of Judaic, Christian, and Islamic faiths? All of these religions had to resort to killing thousands of people in order to establish their belief system. Yet people from among these population will discuss the Necronomicon as if it is a bad thing, and that’s a little hypocritical!

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