Fury of Yig Playtest Update

In our latest session, the group made it out to Dunwich, where they investigated an archaeological site and met the villain of the chapter (they wanted to shoot him instantly, which means I did a good job).  After considerable prep, they’re now infiltrating his house in order to help someone inside.  I don’t know if they’ll like the sort of help that person will want…

We’ve got a good group of players for this test.  One of them keeps a PDA at hand which he uses to run online searches during play.  This time, he came across a particular mythological character that he thought was intriguing.  As a result, I was able to integrate elements of what he was reading into the plot.  (That figure was about to become pertinent to the mission anyway, so it wasn’t that big a stretch.)  I had another player decide to get copies of the Miskatonic copy of TOME REDACTED and start reading a particular chapter.  I had a quote for that chapter ready to go, and I shared it with him – and it just so happened to relate to what was going on in Dunwich…

We’ll play again in another week.

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