The Simon Necronomicon as a Spiritual System

Warlock asks:

How can Harms sleep peacefully at night knowing that the legacy he is leaving behind, is one that could be blocking primordial energy from coming into our world

Hey, I think we can all sleep more peacefully knowing that the powerful energies from the past can be stopped by nothing more than some guy with a blog.

Still, without practicing the magick of the Simon Necronomicon, how can I make a judgment as to its spiritual usefulness?

Frankly, while understanding of a system might come from practice, it is nonetheless possible for an outsider to make some determinations about a spirituality.  I make no claims to deep spirituality, but over the years I have met people of many different faiths who I respect, and I think I’ve learned something about them.

First, it often helps to listen to what others practicing a system (EDIT: or, in the case below, who are familiar with it) have to say about it.  For example, we might look to the words of Denny Sargent that Warlock has kindly posted:

Before you do one single thing in that book, read the whole thing, get some books on Sumerian & Mesopotamian mythology and read them etc etc. Then ask yourself- why do I want to mess with THIS syatem?


One should have already developed in another magickal system before jumping into the Necronomicon, IMHO.


It doesn’t matter what system it is these are your steps to awareness via magick- if Simon’s system helps you do any of these (Im very doubtful about it helping with [talking to one’s Holy Guardian Angel]) Go for it!

or even

BTW- I had a magickal friend in NYC who died horribly in the 1980s- the last thing he was doing was this system- he had the sigils all over his room- utterly disorganized and chaotic- gave me the creeps- a month later he was dead. Not for the novice. Not for the dabbler. Not for the drugged or imbalanced. Not for the weak-willed or silly.

If one reads accounts like this, one might be right to ask whether the system might not be as great as its proponents suggest.

Beyond that, if one speaks with the advocates for a spiritual system for some time, one starts to get a feel for how deep their spirituality is.  I’ve found questions such as these to be valuable:

  1. Does the person speak more about how their system has helped them, or about how those with other beliefs simply do not match up?
  2. When justifying their beliefs, does the person turn to its benefits to themselves or others, or appeal to an outside authority (history, a prophetic leader, etc.)?
  3. When challenged, does the person answer the question directly, or attempt evasion or appeal to authority?
  4. If they speak of being persecuted, do they mean losing their home, family, job, etc., or simply that others disagree with them?
  5. Does the person view their detractors with respect, or does he or she cast aspersions on their motives, suggest they are pawns of darker powers, or otherwise seek to emphasize personality and motives over substantive issues?

Now, any faith has people who fall into both categories – indeed, the people belonging to the first category are often in the minority – and people can straddle the categories.

Based on my discussions over the years with the practitioners of the Simon book, readings of their writing, etc., they seem to fall into the second category, indicating a level of deep-seated insecurity about their system.  It’s quite possible that practitioners exist who could fall into the first category, but I have yet to meet one.

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  2. Interesting thoughts Mister Harms 🙂 I will het back to you shortly

  3. I really like your guidelines. you outline some important things to take into consideration, especially the ‘appeal to authority’. zealots want to shift responsibility onto their deities whenever something goes wrong.

    I tried the Simon magic method years ago. after a while, I thought myself insane for even wanting to try it. nothing really came of it, though. I considered it to be a failed effort, but at least I learned a few things about it. now, years later, i know that its a failed system. It happens in magic, i guess.

    I’ve had more results as always with satanic ritual, witchcraft and chaos magic.

    Any system of magic could potentially be dangerous and destructive to the self – in the hands of someone who is imbalanced.

  4. If I could say something, I am founder magician group from Czech republic and we had a lot of practice with Simons Necronomicon (2 yrs of practicing Simon). As can i say, as experinced magican who walked the Gates of Simon Necronomicon – Simons Necronomicon is interesting book but not magic grimoare, it cannot be used as other grimoairs, is full of mistakes and mystifications, compilations of middle east mythology and lovecraft mytholohy is unusable for magicians. We must did many corrections to make it usable.

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  6. I guess the Simon Necronomicon is a spiritual system after all:

    Be Well

  7. Well Cody I find your comments interesting. After having studied Freemasonry for quite some time and working with other systems as well, I can testify to the Simon Necronomicon as a very effective system. Simon mentions how one has to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff in his Introduction. I know many GateWalker who find the Simon Necronomicon very transformational and I have worked with about 6 people in the past few months who have found the system to be a great aid in their lives. Some of these people had practice Enochian Magick, Yoruba, and etc. Remember, Inanna takes her own for her own. ‘

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  10. I have worked with it but am not finished walking the gates. I have had some quite unusual results and can say it has to be used correctly which is not always simple. IT DOES WORK. I am only just now beginning to study its implications to the fullest extent and am still working withing the system(s) related to it.

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