Attention British Readers

Hey, you!  Why aren’t you going to lectures at Treadwell’s Bookstore in London?  Here’s one of their latest advertisements:

15 October 2009 (Thursday)
The Lairs of Cthulhu
Archaeology, Myth and Mystery in the work of HP Lovecraft
James Holloway (Cambridge)
7.15 for 7.30 start

For many, the name HP Lovecraft conjures images of strange pre-human ruins. In fact, Lovecraft was keenly interested in archaeology and ancient history, and used archaeological theory to create specific dramatic effects in his work. This talk explores Lovecraft’s relationship to archaeology, its use in his fiction, the adoption of this imagery by the Lovecraftian fan community, and the ways in which Lovecraft’s work anticipates modern debates in the field. This is a night for all who have been moved by the landscapes he conjured, the deeps he evoked: the lairs of Cthulhu.

Let’s make it clear:  You have no excuse – not even those “children” or “work” or “prison” reasons some of you are coming up with – for not attending these.  If I have to sit this out because I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic, then you have to go to go, so Treadwell’s will find these successful, so they’ll hold more of these and get more wonderful speakers, so I’ll get even more frustrated…

Wait.  I didn’t think that one through.

At any rate, I had a wonderful time at the three Treadwell’s events I attended in England, and I encourage all of you to go.

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  1. Sorry Dan, can’t make it. Am currently trapped in Egyptian tomb with Harry Houdini.

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