A Psychiatric Grimoire?

From the Times’ article on the Red Book of Carl Jung:

The footnotes map both Shamdasani’s journey and Jung’s. They include references to Faust, Keats, Ovid, the Norse gods Odin and Thor, the Egyptian deities Isis and Osiris, the Greek goddess Hecate, ancient Gnostic texts, Greek Hyperboreans, King Herod, the Old Testament, the New Testament, Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, astrology, the artist Giacometti and the alchemical formulation of gold. And that’s just naming a few. The central premise of the book, Shamdasani told me, was that Jung had become disillusioned with scientific rationalism — what he called “the spirit of the times” — and over the course of many quixotic encounters with his own soul and with other inner figures, he comes to know and appreciate “the spirit of the depths,” a field that makes room for magic, coincidence and the mythological metaphors delivered by dreams.

You can pre-order the book here.  Even though I shouldn’t, I already have.

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  1. Damn the Dan Harms Machine! Its gears grind my money into the dust of dead stars even before I have it!

    Seriously, thanks for the heads up. I’m glad this ‘unholy tome’ is becoming available.

  2. I received my copy last week. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s beautiful. It will take a very long time to really absorb it (especially since it’s near impossible to bring anywhere or even read in bed – yes it’s THAT big and heavy).

  3. I had exactly the same response to it. Reading a chapter at a time has already been quite helpful to me in processing some things going on in my life.

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