Life Update

If you’re wondering why I’ve been a little more quiet than normal, I’ve been teaching a Computers and Society class at our local college on top of my normal workload.  This give me a chance to rant about grimoires and the Necronomicon and cults in a way that’s actually relevant to the class, surprisingly enough.

In my spare time, I’ve been dipping into a few guilty pleasures.  I devoured Caitlín Kiernan’s The Red Tree, which combines New England folklore, Lovecraftian horror, and Fortean weirdness into a real treat.  I’ve also been enjoying English Heretic’s Tales of the New Isis Lodge, a concept album diedicated to the Lovecraftian-occult fantastic non-fiction(?) of Kenneth Grant.  I also have Warlock’s new CD, which just arrived, and which deserves another listen or two.

The household also has a new addition, an adopted child of sorts.  She’s finally started eating mice on a regular basis, so we’re hopefully past the initial uncertainties inherent in a new pet.  Regular readers of my Cthulhoid delvings get no points for guessing what manner of beast she is…

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  1. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know you could train Moon-Beasts to eat mice.

  2. Rats in the walls?

  3. A daughter of Yig?

  4. Training a child to eat mice will produce a rat-thing, rather than the ghoul you’ve long wanted. Sorry.

  5. Harry wins.

  6. Keep up the good work!

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