Politics and the Preternatural

I’ve just had a paper accepted at a conference next summer dealing with the politics behind grimoires.  As such, I’ll be tracking down some of the numerous references to kings, caliphs, princes, and presidents in the tradition and trying to assemble a narrative out of it.  You’ve got all sorts of interesting little anecdotes, ranging from the man in Ibn Qurra’s De Imaginibus who the ruler kills after he threatens to destroy a city with magic, to Abramelin, who goes so far as to resurrect a recently-deceased potentate for the course of seven years.  Of course, we also have the demonic presidents, dukes, and other nobles of the Goetia

It should be a nice-sized project – I’m making a slightly arbitrary decision to keep out spiritual authorities such as priests and bishops – and it’ll give me a chance to brush up on my Latin and German.

More on this as I look into it more.

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  1. Hallo Dan, what kind of conference is that? Is there any web site we can learn more?

  2. Congrats, Dan! Sounds like it will be pretty interesting.

  3. George,

    It’s the Association for the Study of Esotericism conference:


  4. Thanks for the info Dan, by the way… I just bought the new hardcover edition of The Necronomicon, by Joshua Free. Any comments for this new hoax? 🙂

    • Why don’t you ask Daniel about the literary response made towards their own work on behalf of the “Sorcerer’s Handbook” by Merlyn Stone now included at the end of the new Hardcover. Hoax my ass – you can research it all for yourself.

      • He can ask, but I don’t think I own the book, so I can’t really respond.

  5. I read your book mr. Free, however it seems to me that your work is based more in Simon’s Necronomicon rather in any real archeological finds that the Mesopotamians actually worship the Cthulhu Mythos gods… not to mention that the Necronomicon per se is an imaginary book of HPL!
    Thus, how is it possible for a book that was the product of the imagination of an American novelist, to exist nowadays as an «authentic pre-historic egypto-babylonian mystic grimoire»?

    • My personal opinion is that there is too much tied up in the semantics of the title and now what the work represents which is the core of the world’s beliefs – all of the original stories come from a source which is a better emphasis than the interpretations that later follow separated by time and region. This Mardukite path stands between OTO and AA in opposition to Typhonian Sumpremacy and yet it has been accepted that the annihilation of this world and its faulted systems are necessary for the New Aeon to truly arive in its full Zionistic ideal. Though I have been skeptical of “Necro” work often in the past, the consolidation of the works made both public and private during my year with the Mardukites has yielded something I did not expect. And although Joshua has pointedly approached the “misguided” critiques from these authors in his youth, the other side that he shows us is not so militant. Because of the ability to move the masses and consciousness based on pre-conceived semantics as is discussed from the start in the intro to Joshua Free’s Necronomicon, the trapping of trying to make blatant one-to-one comparrison charts for all imagined or interpreted mythologies, whether by research or from some astral gnostic revelatory dream message (pardon this run on for lack of time) is not where the focus should be, for this reality has been so perfectly concocted that we are meant to get lost in these meanings and not the truth laden behind them. I certainly hope there may be peace between the up and coming Mardukite Movement and those who are already fond of their own related interests as we are all moving toward the same on this planet.
      In peace love and Unity
      Mardukite Agent M

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