Happy Halloween

Greetings to one and all!

Last night, we had a very small Halloween party at the Undisclosed Location (in keeping with its size).  M. did a great job with festooning the place with black and red, along with pumpkin lights and a curious beetle sculpture we found in the brightly-lit corner of a chain home goods store.  M. was a witch, and I went as Sherlock Holmes (sans pipe, I’m afraid).  Little Yig came out for a brief while, under the overprotective guardianship of her dad.  The hippo, now freed from his imprisonment, swathed himself in a couple socks and appeared as a ninja.

Some wanted to play The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but we never got to it.  Instead, I decided to maintain the holiday spirit with some classic black and white films – White Zombie, Last Man on Earth, and Nosferatu.  (By the way, if anyone knows of a good still of that contract perused by Renfield in the latter, please let me know.)

You can also check out my Halloween party iMix.  As with most mixes, it omits a great deal that iTunes does not have in its library, but it seems the essentials are present.

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  1. Here’s the best still I could find. Unfortunately, I don’t have the dvd, so can’t just capture my own still.

  2. Re: Nosferatu stills…

    Is this the sort of thing that you’re looking for?

  3. That’s what I’m looking for. Thanks!

  4. Yes, fascinating history to some of the visual aspects of Nosferatu! There was a movie a few years ago that reimagined the filming of Nosferatu called “Shadow of the Vampire”. I was hoping there might have been some references to the Fraternitas Saturni in there, but no – a missed opportunity, IMO!

    The original link for the above images on Koenig’s site mentions Albin Grau in connection with Nosferatu:

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