Fury of Yig Playtest Update

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

The group has made it through the terrors of the Ozarks, encountering a snake handling church and a beast Lovecraft did no more than hint at.  I’ll gloss over this, as this is a fun scenario that I want people to enjoy.

Later, one of the characters went mad while reading a book woke up near the murdered body of a local Yig cultist (who seemed relatively harmless).  The rest of the group discovered they were being monitored with a camera from a nearby hotel room.  Upon breaking in, they found nothing but a scrubbed laptop and a sacred serpent of Yig.

They then followed their next lead to Oklahoma, where they hoped to uncover another trace of the mysterious cult they were chasing.  They found it – and much more than they hoped.  This was the deadliest encounter of the whole campaign.  They all made it out alive, due to one lucky skill check and a quick-thinking player.  He often surfs for clues on his PDA (as his character would do), so he suddenly made a connection between a hint from a few sessions before and the present situation.  He quickly alerted the group, and everyone headed out.  One player will start the next session in the hospital, but they were a very fortunate group all told.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. Anticipation for this campaign is at a fever pitch, at least for me.

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