English Travelogue, Part 8

I had one more of these, that I’d almost forgotten!

Wednesday – Another big trip day, as we returned to Westminster Abbey, to find it open this time.  No pictures, but I was disappointed.  When I’d thought of Westminster Abbey, I’d envisioned a classic European cathedral with vast open spaces.  What I found instead was a jumble of monuments, statues, and other items filling every square foot of space.  That’s not to say that Poet’s Corner and Isaac Newton’s monuments weren’t a thrill, but in retrospect, I’d have liked to see a more impressive cathedral.

After that, we headed over to the Wellcome Trust.  I’d already gone to the library, but today we visited the exhibition halls, where we viewed anti-masturbation devices, a Peruvian mummy, and various amulets and talismans.  We stopped by Senate House to pick up some copies, quickly browsed through the gift shop at the British Museum, did some shopping, and ended up at Treadwell’s once again, for Owen Davies’ excellent lecture on grimoires.  I even got a few spare minutes to chat with him beforehand. Having said goodbye to our friends there, we came back to the hotel and crashed.

Thursday – Got to the airport, flew across the ocean, came back home.

So, I realize we missed quite a bit – it’d have been nice to spend more time in Oxford and Cambridge, as well as Cornwall.  M. wants to see Scotland, and,d despite walking past it two or three times, I could never find the time to get into the British Library.  I suppose that means we’ll need to go back sometime, no?

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  1. Have a great time! I am looking forward to reading your review of Joshua Free’s Necronomicon. Keep us posted

    Be Well

  2. Warlock,

    If he sends me a copy, I’ll review it. I’m trying to keep my book buying under control here.



  3. I understand fully. I will send him an email. I haven’t gotten the book myself. Hope you enjoy the youtube video 🙂

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