On the Shelf Review – Diabolical, Part 1

One of the many small projects I’ve assigned myself recently has been reading the new Scarlet Imprint book Diabolical, an anthology of works on various grimoires.  This is the sequel to Howlings, which I reviewed previously.

I haven’t finished Diabolical, but so far, I’ve been impressed with it.  It’s certainly superior to Howlings, in my mind.   First, it’s over 150 pages longer than its predecessor.  Second, its coverage is more comprehensive with regard to the older grimoires, which breaks with the “Goetia and a bunch of modern works” slant that I found bothersome in Howlings.  Third, the rhetoric regarding how edgy grimoire practitioners are and how academics can’t possibly grasp their brilliance has been toned down. It’s not gone, but it’s not as prevalent.  Overall, if I may use the word, Diabolical is a more mature book than Howlings.

It has brought up one question in the Harms household, though.  The book contains, as an added favor, what appears to be a Communion wafer.  As a man who wants to display ecumenical sensibility but has no idea where such an item comes from or what holy/unholy rites it’s undergone, I have absolutely no idea what to do with this.  For now, it remains in the book.

At any rate, I’ll be posting more on this book shortly, as I think each of the essays within deserves a sentence or two.   More later.

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  2. their other books have hidden things in them also.

  3. Isis, Horus, Seb…

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