On the Shelf Review – Diabolical, Part 2

Having started my review of Diabolical, I wanted to dip into the individual essays and discuss them as I’ve examined them.

“The Conjuration of Nebiros,” Jake Stratton-Kent – The author of one of the new Grimorium Verums provides his own ceremony for working with one of the spirits of the book.   The author does not give the complete ceremony but gives us considerable information about the ritual, including ritual substitutions and the incorporation of Thelemic and Pagan elements into the book’s framework.  This is a fascinating piece that complements the True Grimoire well.

“Hidden Treasure:  Taufer Books of Old Europe,” Eric de Pauw – This was the piece I was most hopeful about reading, as hearing more about the grimoires that are not as well-known on this side of the Atlantic is always a thrill.  De Pauw does have some interesting insights, but the piece is unfocused and seems to wander about looking for a focus.  Some of the material within is simply inaccurate – for example, Johann Scheible did not publish in the 18th century, and he did not publish the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses in the sixth volume of Das Kloster.  The author does state that he is starting a program of publishing translations of some of these books, and we will hopefully learn more when these start to appear.

“The Spirit Magick of Abramelin,” Aaron Leitch – Based on my readings so far of Leitch’s Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires (see here, here, and here), I wasn’t too optimistic about this section.  Lo and behold, this was actually a lucid view of the summoning of demons and use of magic squares in Abramelin magic, as discussed here.   Leitch provides a framework for considering the Abramelin demons, using the magic squares, creating new squares, and other aspects of the system that are usually glossed over, likely because of the difficulty of accomplishing the six/eighteen month period of solitude.  Excellent stuff here.

More later.

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