On the Shelf Review – Diabolical, Part 3

Today we’ll continue our review of Scarlet Imprint‘s new grimoire anthology Diabolical, looking at more articles from the book.

“The Testament of Solomon:  The Lost Key,” Paul Hughes-Barlow – Following some discussion of the author’s view of evocation and an analysis of the Hebrew word for “garden,” the author proceeds with a four-page analysis of “The Testament of Solomon.”  As best I can tell, the “Lost Key” is found by ignoring most of what’s actually stated in the Testament in favor of a non-ritualized partnership with the spirits.  Given that Solomon’s interactions with the demons eventually led to his disfavor and fall, it’s difficult to reconcile the Testament with such an approach.

“Faces of a King,” Mark Smith – An in-depth discussion of the magician’s interactions with the spirit of Belial, as conceptualized in the Goetia, over the course of a few years.    As with Jake Stratton-Kent’s piece, it shows how Judaeo-Christian grimoire magic is being appropriated and remodeled by pagan practitioners.  It’s a solid piece all around.

“Nightside Tarot,” Stafford Stone – Stone had a piece in Howlings, and here he goes into further depth regarding his explorations of the Qlipoth (the shattered realms of previous creations, according to Jewish mysticism) via the works of Kenneth Grant and his expression of them in a Tarot deck.  There’s not much to say about this, but the images are truly striking, and I can only hope we see this deck in a completed form in the near future.

“Black Saturnian Magick”, Thomas Karlsson – The founder of the Dragon Rouge magical order provides a discussion of planetary magic, following the model of the Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino.   Though accepting Ficino’s framework, Karlsson eschews his approach of performing rituals to minimize Saturn’s influence, instead drawing upon its potential for workings involving old age, the intellect, and the Qlipoth.  This article is brief but impressive, showing an engagement with academic literature on the topic while orienting that material toward the practitioner.

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