On the Shelf Review – Diabolical, Part 4

As with my first three sections, I’m examining the essays from Scarlet Imprint‘s Diabolical individually.

“Le Grand Grimoire:  Pacta Conventa Daemoniorum,” Johnny Jakobsson – One of my favorite pieces from the anthology, this is a detailed examination of the diabolical pacts from the Grand Grimoire, or Dragon Rouge, including notes on textual variants, quotations of Kieckhefer and Davies, and other detailed examinations of the grimoires.  The author’s insertion of these spirits into a Qlipothic framework a la Kenneth Grant did leave me scratching my head at moments, but overall this was an impressive essay.

“Black Echoes,” Anonymous – An attempt to form a philosophy of demonic magic for use by practitioners.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this, so I’ll pass it over for now.

“The Lesson of Phenex,” Humberto Maggi – Maggi approaches the history of demonology and the possibility of genuine spiritual revelation, most particularly of Crowley’s Book of the Law, through the lens of his own invocation of the Goetic spirit Phenex.  I’m impressed with its wide scope, though it does seem to be lost in a morass in terms of the argumentation.

“The Binding of Black Venus,” John J. Coughlin – I wrote a threepart review of this grimoire a while back, and Coughlin uses this opportunity to expand on the process of bookbinding and its spiritual significance to him.  I wish he’d spoken of this for more than four pages, but it does provide more context to this particular edition of the Tuba Veneris.

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the comment… I would like to call the attention to page 228, where a quotation from Anna Kingsford was added to the main text, maybe it is one of the cause of the morass you mention. I goes from “Enough, it is hoped” to “calculated to bring about”.


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