Clavis Inferni Appears – Twice

Those who have seen Owen Davies’ Grimoires have no doubt noticed the striking dual-ouroboros illustration on the cover.  This picture comes from Manuscript 2000, “Clavis Inferni sive magia alba et nigra approbata Metratona,” at the Wellcome Library.  Now this book is available in two different editions – a cheaper clothbound edition from Avalonia Books Golden Hoard, and a velvet-bound edition from Caduceus Books‘ line of publications by the Society for Esoteric Endeavour.

I’ll be getting the Avalonia Golden Hoard press edition, which will include a translation and notes.  Nonetheless, I have been highly satisfied with the Caduceus Press’s offerings in the past, as they put out books that are both of scholarly interest and beautiful examples of the bookbinder’s craft.

On another note, I think all the publishers who put out grimoires should have a mini-summit at some point to figure out how not to duplicate efforts.  This is the third time I’ve known a vastly similar volume to come out from two publishers at roughly the same time, likely to the detriment of the profits of both…

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  1. The Avolonia edition is actually from Golden Hoard, Avolonia is just selling copies. There is also a half leather bound edition of 50 copies available as well.

    The Golden Hoard listing for the book is on their home page:

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I won’t link to them directly, as their site is coming up in my browser as unsafe, but I’ve corrected the entry.

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