The Clavis or Key of Solomon Appears

For those who have been awaiting the appearance of the new Clavis, which passed through the hands of both Ebenezer Sibly and Frederick Hockley and has been edited by Joe Peterson, you’re in luck.  From the blurb:

The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon is a fifteenth or sixteenth century Grimoire that gives instruction on the creation of magic tools and talismans, the performance of rituals etc. It exists in a variety of different manuscript and published editions. The text in this edition is taken from a French manuscript translated by the eighteenth century polymath Ebenezer Sibley.

You can get it on Amazon, or via Weiser Antiquarian (who might still be offering the signed bookplates – check with them first).

For those who are curious as to the advantages of various editions of the Key currently available:

  1. the Peterson Clavis is, I believe,  a full-color facsimile of an original manuscript.
  2. The Veritable Key includes the text and illustrations (and only in black and white, if you just get the Llewellyn version) from three different manuscripts.
  3. The Caduceus edition of the Clavis is a facsimile of another Hockley MS. such as 1), but it does not contain any notes or the Complete Book of Magic Science present therein; and
  4. Mathers’ Key of Solomon the King, a composite work excising some material and including other spells which are atypical for the tradition.

If you’re interested in the Clavis tradition, you have quite a number of options available to you.

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