Quick Update

In the midst of grading student papers, so I might go silent for a day or two.  There’s a promise of a storm tomorrow at the Undisclosed Location, and the view outside has finally caught up with the weather radar.

In addition to the World of Work, I’ve been going through Troublesome Things by Diane Purkiss, a history of faeries in folklore, myth, literature, theatre, and the mass media.  I believe that the U. S. title for the same work is At the Bottom of the Garden.  I do wish that publishers would stop pulling this stunt, as occurred with the American edition (Popular Magic) of Owen Davies’ work on folk magic practitioners (Cunning Folk).  It makes it quite difficult to sort out whether one has actually read a book or should track down a particular title uncommon on one side of the Atlantic on the off chance that it’s something else.

I should be getting to bed.  One quick note for Warlock:  you might want to read this brief mention of Ryan Parker.

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  1. D&M – I am probably not alone in wishing for an update on Yig. How is she settling in? And what will you get her for Christmas!? 🙂

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