The Long-Lost Friend: The Annotated Edition?

I had better say that I’m working on an annotated edition of the nineteenth-century grimoire The Long-Lost Friend before Joe Peterson or someone else decides to take it up themselves.  Besides, if someone is working on such a beast, one of my readers will likely know and tell me not to bother.  Otherwise, this will be my next big project.

More later.

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  1. I liked your earlier idea of a summit to avoid redundancy, though a trade circular would probably get the job done cheaper.

    It would also be cool if the grimoire consumers could nominate what they’d like to see next. I for one have been hoping for an English translation of the remainder of Liber Juratus for my entire adult life.

    • I agree. As far as folk-magic grimoires go; I’d love for someone to print some of the various Scandinavian “Svarteboka” or “black books” in English. To my knowledge, thus far there has only been the Galdrabok and the Black Books of Elverum.

  2. Dan, you probably know this, but Spamer’s edition of Romanusbüchlein is a tremendous resource on much of this material. BTW, I am working on a translation of the complete Liber Juratus. It’s probably half done at this point. -JHP

  3. Cool. The Long Lost Friend was a favorite part of Manly Wade Wellman’s weird fiction.

  4. I do not know why you do not do something more worthwhile like publishing in one volume the 2 Picatrix the Latin and the Arab one with annotations and some scholarly comparative observations. That would be hot!

    And what is up with the new Sefer Raziel from Avalonia/Golden Hoard? They say is not the same like Sepher Rezial Hemelach published by Savedow!!! Than which one is it?

  5. […] Long-Lost Friend: Questions and Comments Having I’ve made my announcement of starting an annotated Long-Lost Friend, some of you had comments.  Let’s check them […]

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