The Long-Lost Friend: Questions and Comments

Having I’ve made my announcement of starting an annotated Long-Lost Friend, some of you had comments.  Let’s check them out…

Joe Peterson says, “Dan, you probably know this, but Spamer’s edition of Romanusbüchlein is a tremendous resource on much of this material. ”

Absolutely.  For those who don’t know, the Romanusbuchlein was one of the most popular books of charms in Germany, and Adolf Spamer’s posthumous edition provided extensive commentary on the book and the charms therein.  Hohman later used it as one of his main sources, so it’s definitely on my list.  Plus, I intend to do some more research in the extensive German charm-literature for the backgrounds of more of the charms.

Ancient History asks, “Grisly curiosity, but are you going to mention the Rehmeyer’s Hollow murder? I know it wouldn’t be dealing with the contents of the book per se, but the beliefs and superstitions surrounding grimoires is a part of the magical tradition.”

Definitely I’ll include material on the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer (more on that here).  I’m not entirely convinced that the Lost-Lost Friend was a motive in the crime – the theft of money thereafter really throws open the question – but it certainly had a broader impact on the dissemination of the book and the practice of its art in general.

Kevin asks, “Do you plan to address the variations between ‘Long-Lost Friend’ and the similar ‘Long-Hidden Friend’?”

Absolutely.  For those who don’t know, the title “Long-Hidden Friend” is the more accurate translation of Der lang verborgene freund.  It effectively represents a second, less popular translation of the former, differing not only in wording, but in the order of the charms and occasionally possess different charms.  Correlating those and presenting those unique to each edition is definitely on my list.

Luke says, “I do not know why you do not do something more worthwhile like publishing in one volume the 2 Picatrix the Latin and the Arab one with annotations and some scholarly comparative observations. That would be hot!”

Yes, it would be.  At this point, though, getting my German up to speed is quite enough work, let alone doing that for my Latin and learning Arabic on top of that!  I’m sure there are plenty of people who could do a better job at this than I do.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or comments.

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