Long-Lost Friend: Starting the Project

Over the winter break, I’ve been putting together my game plan for The Long-Lost Friend, as discussed here and here.  Where to start?

The first thing I’ve done is to create an ur-text from which to work, using the two English editions of The Long-Lost Friend – one likely from 1856 and the 1904 reprint of The Long-Hidden Friend by Carleton Brown – that I have on hand.   I’ve also included some of the German text that Joe Peterson was kind enough to send me.  One could argue that these aren’t the purest of texts, and that’d be right.  Nonetheless, I need to have something to work with, and my special collections experience has been that it’s easier to correct an already-existing text than try to transcribe accurately at a breakneck pace.

The next step will be to locate the various editions of The Long-Lost Friend that I need for comparative purposes.   Luckily. one of the appendices in Heindel’s Hexenkopf is a complete bibliography of various editions of the book, noting the variants between them, where different publishers added more material, and so forth.  By correlating that with the library holdings data in WorldCat, I can cover most of my bases by simply visiting two different libraries – both of which, as it turns out, I already have an excuse to visit.  The only exception is the de Laurence edition of 1924, which might require an additional trip later.  I’m open to other suggestions, but this one seems uncharacteristically scarce…

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  1. This is going to be really cool Dan! I can’t wait.

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