Snake Update

So, a while ago one of you asked for an update on the snake that M. and I have adopted.  What to say…

Yig (a.k.a. Yiggie, Yiggie-Monster, Yiggie-Beast, Snake, etc.) is a beautiful ball python.  She has been a member of this household for over six months now, growing from a little over a foot long to a little over two feet.  Here’s an early shot of her:

Yig has been a much-appreciated member of the household, but she’s also been something of a challenge.  Ball pythons like high heat and high humidity; we’ve figured out the first and we’re still working on the second.  She has had a rough patch or two, but M. knows an excellent vet who handles reptiles.  She is eating regularly, too, which seems to be the chief challenge of ball python ownership.

Overall, much of this has been a learning process for us – what to feed her, how warm to keep her, how to pretend we’re not looking at her when she wants to drink, how to grab a snake emerging from a bag while you’re driving, etc.

Ball pythons live for ten to twenty years, so we’re hoping that Yiggie will be around for quite some time to come.

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  1. Hurrah — glad to hear she’s doing well. She looks great! I won’t ask about the driving part… 🙂

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