Snow Day

The weather has kept M. and I at the Undisclosed Location for today, so we’re getting a few projects out of the way.  Apparently M. is making cardboard tombstones (she says they’re not for me, so I suppose I’m safe for the moment).

For my part, I’m working more on The Long-Lost Friend.  I think it would be nice if every charm or recipe (and I’m not sure which wording I want to use) had a footnote for it, giving at least a little information and context.  I spent some time today researching “Abracadabra,” as it seems to be the source of Hohman’s fever-charm “Abaxa Catabax.”  For those who are curious, the first time “Abracadabra” appears is in a poem by the physician Serenus Sammonicus in the year 212, possibly just before being killed by the emperor Caracalla.  Even more amazingly, if you set the spelling aside, the purpose and usage of the phrase is exactly the same between Sammonicus and Hohman.

On the other hand, I still have no idea what Pensses Blum might be, or whether you can graft a cherry branch to a mulberry tree, or if said graft will actually give forth fruit in mid-November…  We’ll see.

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  1. “Blum” is German for ‘flower,’ so “Pennses Blum” could be “Pansies Powder,” which was a drug mixture. GoogleBooks has a druggist’s guide from 1912 with a recipe.

    Bit of a stretch, I know.

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