The Long-Lost Friend: A Charm that Might Not Work

The Long Lost Friend (German original published 1820):

To attach a Dog to a person, provided nothing else was used before to effect it.

Try to draw some of your blood, and let the dog eat it along with his food, and he will stay with you.  Or scrape the four corners of your table while you are eating, and continue to eat with the same knife after having scraped the corners of the table.  Let the dog eat those scrapings, and he will stay with you.

Readinger Adler, January 28, 1823:

On the night of January 5, my little dog was either stolen or ram away.  He was of a grayish color, white around the neck, medium sized, with a stub tail.  Around his neck was a ribbon with a yellow ring.  Whoever gives the undersigned any news of this little dog will receive a suitable reward for his trouble.  By John George Homan.

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  1. That’s sad in a few different ways, I hope at the least the dog didn’t have to eat table shavings anymore.

  2. this sad story made me laugh!…

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