Various and Sundry Matters

A slight update as to what’s going on here:

  • Inspired by Grognardia, I’ve been assembling a small collection of reading copies of old 1E AD&D modules to supplement what I’ve got so far.  So far, I’ve picked up the A1-4 Slavers series, Dwellers in the Forbidden City, and UK2: The Sentinel (largely because I still remembered seeing it at the local Hallmarks back when I lived in Kentucky – can you imagine Hallmarks selling D&D books?).
  • I’ve also had a couple of review books sent this direction that I’m hoping to cover as time permits.  The grimoire market seems quiescent for the moment – I hear rumors about this and that, but nothing has materialized.
  • I’ve also picked up a few works by Mardukite Ministries, including their own Necronomicon.  I haven’t decided whether to review it here.
  • I’m working on some of the material I got in my last special collections visit, while prepping for another this week.
  • I’ll still be at iCon, though I have no news as to appearances and such.
  • Yig the Ball Python shed this week and ate a full-sized adult mouse tonight.  She’s eaten such mice in the past, but she had such difficulty with the last one we thought we’d wait a little bit to give her the next one.

Let me know if you’d like to hear me babble more about any of the above, or anything else.

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