Turner Codex Writeup

Those who remember the old Cthulhu Now! supplement for Call of Cthulhu will also recall Keith “Doc” Herber’s scenario “The Evil Stars,” about a heavy metal band basing its doctrines on the Turner Codex.  Now Bret Kramer has written up notes on the Turner Codex, for use in your games, and Miskatonic River Press has posted them in memory of Doc, who passed away a year ago.

You’re likely to see more work by Bret along these lines in Fury, so consider it a fake preview of sorts.

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  1. I really like Kramer’s treatment; it ties in Churchward’s Mu with Lin Carter’s Xothic Cycle fairly well, and the history of the text is traced until the present day, from prehistoric tablets to modern electronic files, making it easy to insert in any campaign from the 1920s through Delta Green.

    I also think that it makes a wonderful complement to some of the volumes in Dean Shomshak’s old article “Unspeakable Secrets Made Easy” (Dragon Magazine #150), or vice versa – for anyone that loves obscure connections with out-of-print sources.

  2. You really love that Shomshak article don’t you? 🙂 (Need to dig that Dragon out of storage and give it a read).

    Glad the piece was of use.

    I want to state that I was personally inspired by Sam Johnson’s “Resection of Time” which made the Mu/Mayan connection which I assume was inspired by Churchward himself and his claims about the origins of ‘ancient’ civilizations. I should have made that explicit in the text. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_(lost_continent) for a little of it.

    • It’s a really good article. 🙂 How many times do you get a book with a title like “Demon Gods of Mu?”

      Mike Mignola also made good use of the same basic material in his Hellboy series (the Darkness Calls TPB), so without much work you could easily use the Turner Codex for a Hellboy RPG/GURPS campaign as well.

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