Long-Lost Friend: Answering a Comment

Kevin Nelson asks:

I’m really looking forward to your book, Dan. Do you have any publishers in mind yet? I hope it gets the deluxe treatment. You may have one lined up already, but if not, I’d suggest: Scarlet Imprint, Fulgur, Ouroboros Press, Waning Moon, Caduceus Books, or Ibis Press.

I’m actually not so much concerned about getting the “deluxe treatment,” as I am in making the book commonly available.  I can’t knock the small press approach, but it sometimes troubles me that these beautiful books aren’t available for order through Amazon, won’t be purchased for libraries, etc.  I’d like to produce a book that people could find easily, whether that’s after publication or for decades to come.

Also, it means people don’t write me constantly to ask where they can find the damn thing.

On that list, only Ibis comes closest to those criteria.  I suppose one could do a popular edition of the book with one press, and a hardcover special edition of it with another.  Has anyone done anything like that?  Wait a minute

I’ll also add that I don’t talk about potential submissions or contracts until they’re good and done.

Any chance the book will come with a himmelsbrief? That would be a nice touch.

That, I’m afraid, would be one of the items you’d get with a deluxe edition that you wouldn’t find in other books.  Besides, if I put a himmelsbrief in with the book, that might suggest that The Long-Lost Friend‘s talismanic powers might not be up to snuff…

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