I-Con Update

So M. and I made our way to I-Con this weekend on Long Island.  We ran into one small snag in getting there, as Google Maps decided the best way to get from the Undisclosed Upstate Location to Stony Brook involved driving across Manhattan.  Nonetheless, we survived, and we made it to the hotel in plenty of time.

Friday saw me meeting up with Miskatonic River Press and running my scenario for the upcoming Colonial book.   I only had two players – that was fine, but I’d suggest that anyone looking to play one of those coveted Call of Cthulhu convention slots make their way out to I-Con next year.

Saturday saw me attending a couple of panels on horror writing, most notably the “So You Wanna Write Horror” panel, the contents of which were described here.  (As a quick warning, some of the statements there attributed to me were made by different people, but I didn’t see anything that I’d not agree with or that would get me kicked out of the OTO.)  Another highlight of the night was the banquet, where I was happy to see both Charisma Carpenter (Buffy, Angel) and Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica).  In his speech, Ron told everyone that an earlier I-Con had been his first science fiction convention.

There was quite a bit I wanted to do that didn’t get done, such as attending either of those guests’ events or sitting in on the infamous Scott David Aniolowski’s game.  M. and I did make it to the dealer room, where I snagged a copy of B4: The Lost City to complete my “must have D&D modules” collection, as well as a plush Cthulhu that I thought was a Devil Cthulhu and M. thought was a Valentine’s Cthulhu.  She turned out to be right.

At any rate, we had a great time, and eventually both of us will recover from it.

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