Public Service Announcement

M. and I encountered a peacock a few days ago while hiking. After dazzling us with its plumage, it proceeded to whack me in the face with its feathers repeatedly.  Afterward, it was cheeky enough to steal one of my Cheetos.  That isn’t quite accurate, but when you see that hungry and semi-murderous gleam in a peacock’s eyes – a gleam I wouldn’t have believed could exist therein until that moment – you’d decide that giving up one’s puffy cheese snacks to keep your fingers is more than worth it.

After I tossed my Cheeto a safe distance away, I was assured that this peacock didn’t actually eat Cheetos.  It proceeded to snatch it up, run off  for a few yards, chop the curl into tiny bits, and eat it.

Do not trust peacocks.  They will turn on you when you least expect it.

Published in: on April 9, 2010 at 11:46 pm  Comments (6)  

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  1. Is this a metaphor for our so-called “legislators”?

  2. As members of the pheasant family, I gather peacocks are quite tasty. Are we to expect python-mediated vengeance?

  3. Been researching Yedizi practices, Dan? Sounds like you had an encounter with Melek Ta’us. 🙂

  4. At least it wasn’t a cockatiel, which are known to be vicious.

  5. What is it with you and birds?

  6. Any chance you’ve run afoul of someone working for NBC? Or maybe Hera? Have there ever been any hints that Zeus is your father?

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