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The long-awaited modern Call of Cthulhu sourcebook Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity is finally seeing the light of day.  Those who pre-ordered the book have been sent an email regarding the PDF, and the print version is ready to go off to the printer.  Having downloaded my PDF, I can say any Call of Cthulhu fan will regret not grabbing this book when they had a chance.  If you did pre-order, make sure you’ve got a link to the PDF.

In personal news, my pitch for a Call of Cthulhu scenario in an upcoming anthology has been accepted.   It’ll be a little strange for me, because I’ll be writing for the Twenties, when I really feel most comfortable writing for modern settings or thirteenth-century semi-mythical France.  No, I have no idea how that works.

I’m also writing a short piece for an upcoming and long-awaited project elsewhere, provided it isn’t way too gross for everyone concerned.

In my personal gaming life, I’m running a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game for two players.  So far, I’ve been accused of ripping off Jurassic Park, Avatar, and Lovecraft, but no one’s run into the Colonel Fawcett, Uxmal, Clark Ashton Smith, Outbreak, Battlestar Galactica, or Apocalypse Now references yet.  I hope to keep running this for a while, and that my enthusiasm doesn’t lag.

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  1. Are you the Dan Harms whose games I occasionally and unreliably invaded? This is Richard Guy, who once played Rastafar the sheep farmer. I just saw your comment on grognardia.

  2. I don’t recall any shepherds, I’m afraid. Where was the game, and what was the system?

    • I’m trying to remember the system. The game was at Chatham, and Eugene was playing. I had come to you via Rolston, but it was difficult for me to be involved much because it was a long drive.

      Is it possible I’ve got entirely the wrong person? I’m starting to wonder if I’ve gone so senile that I’ve got the name wrong.

  3. I’ve never run any games at Chatham, I’m afraid. Could you tell me more about this intriguing shepherd?

    • Let’s see, this would be about 8 years ago. The PCs were settlers, and really farmers rather than fighters or career raiders, but the next farm down the valley had rustled some of our livestock so we went on a raid to get them back or something of equal value. As we were running around in the dark trying not to make any noise it came to me quite forcefully that we had no plan at all. I had some trouble deciding on an accent for the shepherd: the name briefly suggested Jamaican to me but I wound up in my native Cornish.

      No? Perhaps we’ve never met…

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