We Get Hate Comments!

It’s always exciting to get some rambling hateful feedback here, and we got an excellent post from “PaperTiger” over on the Darrick Dishaw-Wikipedia page.  Please be nice to him, as he’s new and doesn’t know how we do things.

Now… It’s pretty sad how many of the posts on Dan Harm’s wordpress are him posting under a gloriously retarded Soubriquet Rouge. He is (well, was) trying to cultivate some kind of negative sine wave against Venger, and he’s done it with the clever verve of a sassy 10 year old.
Good show old chap.
You’re about as charismatic as sugarless lemonade… Is it because I can Internet-Sense how angrily you used to argue about pogs when you were little? Or is it because you have the aire of someone who “just really didn’t feel like the Star Wars universe was INDIE enough” for them?
It may be because your main presumption was that I give a fuck about someone plagiarizing wikipedia and then selling it. Haha. Fuck yes, I wish I had done it first. The only way you will ever get me to give a fuck about plagiarism is when it happens to me. I’ll hang on a tick while that registers. Uh oh! Trite buzzword alert! Hypocrite! But see, I don’t care. Come along with James and I, we will show you a new Way.
Actually.. As illustrated, your self-righteous froth is perfect for the James-minded (term used tenuously) people of this world. (And apparently Dark Brooding Strippers. I see Venus Satanas and my first thought is.. IS there a kitchen in Hell?)
Mm. I digress.
There was a point here, but I now hate you all so much past the point that I can care. That is the new point. New point: hate.

When I return, I want to see a pithy little post about the 4 (purposeful via laziness) mistakes I made (left) in this post and how I shouldn’t criticize others if I’m not perfect myself.
Everyone sticks up for the retarded kids.

Does anyone see any new taglines they like here?

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  1. “Dark Brooding Strippers” – worth the whole post…

  2. I’m really torn between “New Point: Hate” and “Purposeful Via Laziness.” Leaning toward the latter, I think.

  3. We thought “charismatic as sugarless lemonade” was actually a good put-down, but I’m going with the Star Wars one for the sheer “huh?” factor.

    Then again, it might mean I’ll have to turn in my non-indie miniature replica Empire Strikes Back lunchbox.

  4. If this is a representative sample, I believe PaperTiger is quite safe from the plagiarists of the world.

  5. Hilarious!

  6. I am partial to this raucous string: “Uh oh! Trite buzzword alert! Hypocrite!”

  7. ‘You! hypocrite lecteur!—mon semblable,—mon frère!’  

  8. “gloriously retarded sobriquet” (speling korrected) is kinda catchy – Dan, you post here calling yourself Red? Huh. Who knew? ^_^

    Why is it that as I get older, attempts at “edgy” writing bore me to tears? I was looking at an older chaos magick tract recently and it just sounded… well, /old/. Dated. Not as clever as it once must have seemed.

  9. I know I’m taking from the part where he was sniping at James but:

    “I hate you so it’s ok if you disagree.”

    Is a wonderful tag line.

  10. I did my own investigation recently on the so-called “Cult of Cthulhu” and Venger Satanis. So it may what have proned some hate mail towards you Dan. My apologies. You and your readers may enjoy my findings:


  11. Your readers demand an answer – IS there a kitchen in Hell?

  12. I like “the clever verve of a sassy 10 year old” for its sheer repetitive thrust. Except I think there should be hyphens somewhere in there–I’m afraid that gets us to more than four mistakes overall.

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